A picture of Nicolas Malloy Nicolas R. Malloy, M.S.

Nicolas is a lecturer at Humboldt State University where he teaches courses in the Geospatial Analysis Curriculum for the Department of Environmental Science & Management and the Department of Geography.

Nicolas received his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University San Bernardino; his Certificate of Study in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing from Humboldt State University; and his Master of Science degree from Humboldt State University. He is also a Federal Aviation Administration Certified Remote Pilot. His primary research interests focus on cartographic design for the web, programming for geospatial applications, and data collection methods using small unmanned aerial systems for environmental science applications. When not teaching, Nicolas also works as a consultant and subject matter expert on projects related to geospatial science and the development of geospatial educational materials.

Nicolas is an active member of several geospatial organizations including the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, the California Geographic Information Association, and the North American Cartographic Information Society.  Nicolas also contributes to the community through leadership, activism, and outreach. In 2015, Nicolas founded the Geospatial Institute and regularly contributes educational materials for publication on the Geospatial Institute website and YouTube Channel.  Nicolas serves on several committees at Humboldt State University including the Geospatial Steering Committee, the Geospatial Content Committee, and the Geospatial IT Committee.  Nicolas also serves on the Board of Directors for the Humboldt State University Institute for Spatial Analysis, Modeling, and Monitoring.  In 2015, Nicolas was elected to serve on the Humboldt State University Senate. He was re-elected in 2016 and will continue to serve until his current term ends in 2019.

Nick and his dog Riley at Patrick's Point

Nick and his dog Riley at Patrick’s Point

Nicolas lives in Eureka, California and in his spare time enjoys the cool weather and beautiful scenery of the North Coast.