Learning About Projections Using ArcGIS

Author: Nicolas R. Malloy

Table of Contents

  1. Learning About Projections Using ArcGIS
  2. Setting Up Your Workspace
  3. Downloading Data from Natural Earth
  4. Adding Data to ArcMap
  5. Symbolizing the Map by Subregions
  6. Exploring Map Projections
  7. Choose Your Projection

The goal of this activity is to learn about standard map projections by exploring their properties using ArcGIS. In this activity, you will create and organize a project folder using a standardized folder structure. You will then download and decompress the data from the Natural Earth website. After delving into several map projections, you will pick your map projection and customize it based on a location you choose. You will create a map of world subregions using your personalized map projection.

Estimated time to complete this tutorial: 3 hours

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this tutorial should be able to:

  • Summarize the steps for creating and organizing a project workspace folder structure
  • Illustrate the ability to download data from a public source
  • Demonstrate decompressing zipped files into a specific folder
  • Describe the difference between standard map projections
  • Illustrate how to create a customized map projection
  • Practice changing map output size in ArcMap
  • Apply symbology and color choices to map features
  • Insert essential map elements using ArcMap
  • Export a map as a PDF file