Working with Projections

Author: Nicolas R. Malloy

Table of Contents

  1. Working with Projections
  2. Setting Up Your Workspace
  3. Downloading Data from Natural Earth
  4. Adding Data to ArcMap
  5. Checking the Spatial Reference System
  6. Using the Project Tool
  7. Compressing the Project Folder as a 7z file

The goal of this activity is to learn how to manage map projections using ArcGIS. In this activity, you will create and organize a project folder using a standardized folder structure. You will then download and decompress the data from the several different data sources. After inspecting the spatial reference properties, you will use the Project tool to create a collection of data in a specific map projection.

Estimated time to complete this tutorial: 2 hours

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this tutorial should be able to:

  • Summarize the steps for creating and organizing a project workspace folder structure
  • Illustrate the ability to download data from a public source
  • Demonstrate decompressing zipped files into a specific folder
  • Practice looking up properties for both a data frame and a shapefile in ArcGIS
  • Describe the difference between the data frame projection and a dataset’s projection
  • Illustrate how to use the Project tool
  • Practice compressing a project level folder with contents intact