Geocaching Basics

Table of Contents

  1. Geocaching Basics
  2. Instructions: Part 1
  3. Instructions: Part 2
  4. Changing the Position Format
  5. Improving accuracy
  6. Marking and Editing Waypoints
  7. Navigating to Your Geocaches

Instructions: Part 1

  1. Watch each the videos below to learn about geocaching.
  2. Create an account on the geocaching website and log in.
  3. Choose five geocache points and write down the geographic coordinates.

What is Geocaching?
by Geocaching

Finding a Geocache
by Geocachingg

Geocaching Etiquette
by Geocaching

Hiding a Geocache
by Geocaching

Making a Favorite Point Worth Geocache
by Geocaching

by Geocaching

What are Geocaching Trackables?
by Geocaching

What do you do when you find a Geocaching Trackable?
by Geocaching

How to log a Geocaching Trackable
by Geocaching