Geocaching Basics

Table of Contents

  1. Geocaching Basics
  2. Instructions: Part 1
  3. Instructions: Part 2
  4. Changing the Position Format
  5. Improving accuracy
  6. Marking and Editing Waypoints
  7. Navigating to Your Geocaches

Marking and Editing Waypoints

Now you are ready to enter your geocache coordinates. On the Garmin GPSMAP 64, press the Mark button. If you are using a different model, refer to the owner’s manual to learn how to mark a waypoint.

An image of the GPSMap 64st mark button
Press the Mark button to mark a waypoint.

After marking a waypoint, the GPS receiver takes you to the waypoint edit screen. By default, many GPS receivers assign a series of numbers for waypoint names, such as 001, 002, 003, and so on. Unfortunately, this naming convention sometimes causes problems when working with GIS software. It is a good habit to give your waypoints descriptive names to avoid this issue.

An image of the Waypoint edit screen
Locate the waypoint name at the top. By default, it is a number.

Change the name of your waypoint so that it matches the name of the geocache. On the Garmin GPSMAP 64, use the rocker pad to select the name and press the Enter. On the edit screen, enter your geocache name.

An image of the GPSMap 64st waypoint name edit screen
In this example, the name of the geocache is My Humboldt Degree.

Next, select the location option on the waypoint edit screen.

An image of the GPSMap 64st waypoint edit screen.
The location format should be in degrees and decimal minutes format (hddd°mmmmm’).

Enter the coordinates for your geocache.

An image of the GPSMap 64st waypoint location edit screen.
Be sure that the location matches the coordinates provided by the Geocache website.

When you are ready, press enter. Then, select Done to save the waypoint.

Repeat these steps for each of your geocaches. You should attempt at least three. You may want to consider adding an extra geocache in case you have trouble with one or more. After entering your geocaches, power down the GPS receiver to save battery life.