Geocaching Basics

Table of Contents

  1. Geocaching Basics
  2. Instructions: Part 1
  3. Instructions: Part 2
  4. Changing the Position Format
  5. Improving accuracy
  6. Marking and Editing Waypoints
  7. Navigating to Your Geocaches

Navigating to Your Geocaches

Start by walking to an open space with minimal obstructions and turn on the GPS receiver. Spend about five minutes standing in the same location to allow the GPS receiver to acquire satellite signals and pinpoint your location.

Choose your first geocache by pressing the Find button. Then, choose Waypoints.

An image of the Find button
On the Garmin GPSMAP 64, the find button is located on the lower left.

When the list of waypoints appears, select the name of the geocache you want to find.

An image of the waypoint list.
You should see a list of each waypoint you created.

When you are ready, select and press GO.

An image of the Go option.
The map will indicate the direction of the geocache.

Start walking briskly so the GPS receiver can determine your direction of travel. Use the map to navigate to your geocache. When you arrive at the location, you may have to search carefully for the hidden geocache. If you find one, take a selfie showing your prize (optional).

What if I can’t find a geocache?

Don’t panic. Some geocaches are hard to find. Others may have been taken or moved by someone else. For this assignment, you are not required to locate each of your geocaches. The purpose of this activity is to become familiar with operating a GPS receiver during a fun, low-pressure activity.

Be Prepared to Write About Your Geocaching Experience

If you are a registered student, you may be required to write a summary of your geocache experience. You may include any photos you took during the activity. Think about the following questions as you write your summary:

  1. Did you enjoy your geocaching experience? Why or Why not?
  2. Did you find it challenging to locate the geocaches?
  3. What kinds of hiding places did you encounter?
  4. Did your geocaching experience help you to become more familiar with operating a hand-held GPS receiver?
  5. Do you think you will continue to geocache in the future?