Working with NAIP Imagery

Author: Nicolas R. Malloy

Table of Contents

  1. Working with NAIP Imagery
  2. Setting Up Your Workspace
  3. Downloading Data from the USGS Earth Explorer
  4. Skill Drill: Download Additional Images
  5. Creating New Imagery Files Using the Project Raster Tool
  6. Skill Drill: Use the Project Raster Tool on the Remaining Datasets
  7. Sharing the Data Using Google Drive

Agencies in the United Stated regularly acquire aerial imagery and make it available to the public. USGS began a pilot program called the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) in 2002. The program has expanded since then and is currently ongoing. In this activity, you will learn how to obtain aerial photos, such as NAIP imagery, from the USGS Earth Explorer. After inspecting the images, you will then create new raster datasets using the Project Raster tool.

Estimated time to complete this tutorial: 2 hours

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this activity should be able to:

  • Summarize the steps for creating and organizing a project workspace folder structure
  • Illustrate how to find and download NAIP imagery for an area of interest
  • Describe how to check the spatial reference and resolution of aerial imagery
  • Practice using the Project Raster tool in ArcMap
  • Demonstrate how to compress specific folders for backup