Skill Drill: Adding Existing Fire Stations to the Model

After running the second model, three of the proposed locations were chosen based on a five-minute response time window using the Maximized Attendance problem type. In this model, you will also include the existing fire stations among the facilities. The purpose is to determine whether or not any of the proposed locations is a better choice than the original fire stations. Right-click on Facilities in the Network Analyst window and select Load Locations. Use the same methods and settings in previous steps to add the existing fire station layer to the list of Facilities. When this is done, the list of facilities should contain both the proposed locations as well as the existing locations.

An image of the Existing Fire Stations added to Facilities

Once the existing fire stations are added to the list of facilities, run the model by clicking on the Solve button in the Network Analyst Toolbar. The new model will run and the new results will overwrite the previous results in the memory feature classes in the Table of Contents.

Record the results on a third table in Microsoft Excel.

Five-Minute Maximized Attendance with Existing Facilites
Location Demand Count Demand Weight
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?

Take a moment to consider the results. How did the existing fire fare when competing with the proposed locations? Were any of the original fire station locations a better choice that the proposed sites?