Skill Drill: Geocoding an Address  and Creating a CSV Table to Import As XY Data

Eventually, you will compare the top three proposed locations with the three existing fire stations. The existing fire stations are located at the following addresses:

Arcata Station

631 9th Street, Arcata CA 95521

Mad River Station

3235 Janes Road, Arcata CA 95521

McKinleyville Station

2149 Central Avenue, McKinleyville CA 95519

Use Google Maps or another online service to geocode the addresses and obtain the latitude and longitude values in decimal degrees. Many websites will geocode a single address for free. Be sure to find out which spatial reference system the website uses to generate the decimal degree values. The most common spatial reference on the web is WGS 1984. In Microsoft Excel, create a CSV table with the following field headers: name, latitude, longitude. You may use the names provided in the table above as the name attribute for the existing stations. Enter the latitude and longitude values in the appropriate fields. Save as a CSV table and close Excel.

Name Latitude Longitude
Arcata Station  40.xxxx  -124.xxxxx
Mad River Station  40.xxxx  -124.xxxxx
McKinleyville Station  40.xxxx  -124.xxxxx

In ArcMap, add the CSV table as XY data, using the same workflow as for the proposed locations. Use the Project tool if necessary. In the end, you should have a shapefile of the existing fire stations using the NAD 83 UTM Zone 10 spatial reference system.

An image of the existing fire station loaded in the Table of Contents.
The existing fire stations are shown here in purple. The proposed locations are shown on the map in pink. You can use the Label Features option to display the names of the existing fire stations. Click the image to view in a larger size.