Skill Drill: Adding the Fire Incident History as XY Data

If you are a registered student at Humboldt State University, you may access the data used in this lab by logging into the course using the Canvas LMS. Find the link to download the data on the assignment page in Canvas. Download and then decompress the file into your original folder. Launch Microsoft Excel open the incidient_history.csv file. Here you will see a table of incidents. These incidents are calls responded to by the Arcata Fire Protection District. Take a moment to read through available information about the data. Specific details about the incidents, including the year, the date, and the time, have been removed to protect the privacy of individuals. The data was provided by the Arcata Fire Protection District and the locations recorded using GCS WGS 1984. After inspecting the data, close Excel.

An image of the incident history CSV table opened in Excel.

Add the table as XY data using the same workflow as with the fire station. Use the project tool to create a copy of the data that uses the NAD83 UTM Zone 10 N spatial reference system.

An image of the incident history layer added to ArcMap.
An events layer is temporary and should be exported as a shapefile. The image may not match your data exactly as the data is updated by the instructor over time.