Loading the Depot into the Model

As you will recall from the lecture videos, Modeling Network Paths, the depot is a route starting point and ending point. In this scenario, the depot is the Eureka Garbage Station. The garbage trucks will begin and end their routes at this location. Depots also have attributes that influence cost or place limitations on the model. In this model, our depots have attributes that include a starting time and an ending time. The model will be limited to calculating routes within this time window. Right-click on Depots in the Network Analyst window and select Load Locations. From the drop-down menu next to Load From, select the garbage dump layer. Depot parameters are defined under the Location Analysis Properties pane using two attributes, Field, and Default Value. If the layer does not have a field that matches the property, a default value may be entered instead.

An image of the Depot load locations window.

Use the following values in the Location Analysis Properties. Keep the default values for any properties not listed here.

Property Field Default Value
Name Name
TimeWindowStart1 5:00:00 AM
TimeWindowEnd1  7:00:00 PM
CurbApproach  Either side of vehicle

Once the values above are entered, click OK.