Adding a Route Renewal into the Model

As you will recall from the lecture videos, the route renewal defines the location where a vehicle can unload or reload cargo. The depot often serves as the route renewal location, though any additional locations may be used. In this scenario, the garbage station will serve as both the depot and the route renewal. The garbage trucks will start out empty at the beginning of the route. As the vehicle stops at each order, the pickup quantity is tracked and compared to the truck capacity. When the garbage truck is full, it must return to the route renewal location to unload the cargo before continuing on its route.

Note: If the route renewal is missing or defined incorrectly, the route will end prematurely, even if all of the orders have not yet been fulfilled.

We must also consider that the truck may fill up before the route is finished. It will need to return to the Eureka Garbage Station to empty its load, before continuing on its route. Right click on Route Renewals in the Network Analyst window and select Add Item. This opens up the Route Renewal Properties window. Next to DepotName select Eureka Station from the drop-down menu. Next to RouteName select Side-loader truck 1 from the drop-down menu. Next to ServiceTime enter 10. The service time attribute represents the time it takes the truck to unload the cargo before continuing on. Once the values above are entered, click OK.

An image of the route renewals properties window