Skill Drill: Adding a Second Garbage Truck to the Model

In the first model, you ran it with only one route, representing one driver and one garbage truck. In this step, you will add a second route before running the model. To add a second route, follow the same steps you used to create the first route on the page titled, Adding Route Parameters into the Model. The second route will have precisely the same attributes as the first route except for the route name. Call the second route, Side-Loader Truck 2. Next, add a second route renewal for the second route. To add a second route renewal, follow the same steps you used to create the first route renewal on the page titled, Adding a Route Renewal into the Model. Be sure the Route Name attribute is set to the second route. Once the second route and route renewal are added, run the model by clicking on the Solve button in the Network Analyst Toolbar. The new model will run, and the new results will overwrite the previous results in the memory feature classes in the Table of Contents. Record the results on a second table in Microsoft Excel.

VRM Model 2 Results
Description Two side-loading trucks
Total cost in dollars (two routes added together) ?
Total time in minutes (two routes added together) ?
Number of time violations ?
Orders not reached ?

Think about the following questions and make a note to yourself for later reference.

  • What was the status of the orders?
  • Were all of the orders reached?
  • Were there any other problems, such as Time Violations?

Note: Time Violations are garbage pickups that were fulfilled, but outside of the preferred time window specified by the participating businesses. They show up on the map as red squares.