Skill Drill: Downloading data using the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources GPS Application (DNRGPS)

Before returning the GPS unit to the HSU Library, be sure to download the waypoints using the DNRGPS software. Use DNRGPS and convert the GPX files into ESRI shapefiles. If you are working with one or more lab partners with multiple GPS units, you may want to merge all of the shapefiles generated into one single shapefile using the merge tool, under the geoprocessing menu in ArcMap. By default, most GPS receivers are set to WGS 1984. Once you have downloaded your data and saved it as an Esri shapefile, use the Project tool to create a copy of the data with the NAD 83 UTM Zone 10 N spatial reference.

If you are a non-local student, you may use your local UTM zone instead of zone 10.