Skill Drill: Creating a Map of the Results

You should be familiar with the steps needed to create a map layout of your results. Design a map for use as a figure in a report or summary. Ideally, the map should be designed at a size of approximately 6 or 7 inches wide. Include a north arrow, a scale bar, and a legend. The map should Include the interpolation results with the best RMSE value. Include the original waypoints over your hillshade. You may change the color ramp of the digital elevation model as well as the transparency to overlay on top of the hillshade. Include a north arrow, a scale bar, and a legend. When your map layout is complete, export the map as a PNG file with a resolution of 300dpi. Save the file in your final folder.

An image of the GPS Elevation Interpolation Map
In this map, the color ramp of the DEM, called Surface, ranges in color from green at low elevations to white at the highest elevations. The stretch type was changed to Histogram Equalize, and the layer was given a 20 transparency to display the hillshade underneath.