Advanced Geospatial Analysis Skills: Review and Self-Assessment

Author: Nicolas R. Malloy

Table of Contents

  1. Advanced Geospatial Analysis Skills: Review and Self-Assessment
  2. Setting Up Your Workspace
  3. Projections, Datums, and Spatial Reference Systems
  4. Vector Analysis
  5. Raster Analysis
  6. Tabular Data and Classification Methods
  7. Skill Drill: Table Join and Data Classification
  8. Skill Drill: Creating a CSV Table to Import As XY Data

In this lab, you will review the concepts, methods, and skills learned in previous courses. This activity is designed to help you test areas of knowledge that need additional review. If it has been some time since you have used GIS, this activity will help you get back on track.

You will find very few step-by-step instructions during this activity. Instead, you will be given a series of problems to solve. Students registered for the Intermediate GIS (GSP 370) course at Humboldt State University are encouraged to collaborate with other students during lab or online via discussion forums. When collaborating, do not give out answers. Instead, you should discuss the steps and tools used to get the answers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review how to acquire data from a public source
  • Review checking spatial references
  • Review spatial selections
  • Review attribute selections
  • Review creating layers from selected features
  • Review vector overlay operations
  • Review raster analysis tools such as slope and raster calculator
  • Review adding XY data
  • Review table joins
  • Review classification methods for data symbolization