Advanced Geospatial Analysis Skills: Review and Self-Assessment

Tabular Data and Classification Methods

In this step, you will download data from the National Historic Geographic Information System (NHGIS). You will then use data classification methods to symbolize Census data and identify patterns. You will also create a CSV table and add it to ArcMap as XY Data to answer the questions below.

Skill Drill: Downloading Data from the National Historic Geographic Information System

In previous courses, you learned how to acquire data from public sources. Here you will download Census data from the National Historic Geographic Information System (NHGIS). You will then use data to answer the questions below. Navigate to the NHGIS website at and click the login link. If this is the first time at this website, you may need to create an account. For a review on how to use this website, watch the following tutorial:

An image of the NHGIS Home Page

On the Data Finder page, apply the first data filter by clicking on the Geographic Levels button.

An image of the NHGIS Data Finder page

Check the box next to State and click Submit.

An image of the Geographic Levels windowWhen the data has finished loading, select the Time Series Tables tab. Scroll down and select Median Household Income in Previous Year. When you are ready, scroll up and click Continue.

An image of Median household income selected

You will be taken to the data options page. You still need to select a GIS boundary file (shapefile) to go with the dataset. You will need to click the filter link on the upper left side to return to the filter options page. Once there, select the GIS Boundary Files tab to view the available shapefiles. Scroll down and select the 2015 State Boundary. Then, scroll up and click Continue. On the next page, click Continue again.

An image of the data options pageMake sure the Table File Structure is set to Comma Delimited. Check the radio button next to Time Varies by File is checked as well. Enter a brief description about explaining for what purpose you plan to use the data. When you are done, click the submit button. It may take a while for the data to be ready. You should receive an email when it is done. Follow the instructions in your email to download the data. Save it to your original folder and decompress it.

An image of the review and submit page