Advanced Geospatial Analysis Skills: Review and Self-Assessment

Skill Drill: Table Join and Data Classification

In ArcMap, open a new blank map document and add the US State 2015 layer to your Table of Contents. Perform a table join on the US State 2015 layer and join the 20125 State CSV data to the shapefile. Read the metadata located in the text file with a similar name as the 20125 State CSV to interpret the meaning of the field names. Determine which field name stands for Median income in previous year: Households. Make a note of this as you will need to know which field to use to answer the question below.

An image of the 2015 US State layer loaded into ArcMap

In a separate document write down the answer to the following question:

Question 12: Symbolize the United States using the field that represents Median income in previous year: Households and normalizing it with the Shape_Area field. Use the Quantile method of classification and five classes. Which states fall into the HIGHEST category? You may count the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states for this question.

Hint: You will need to visually inspect the map to get the correct answer.