Advanced Geospatial Analysis Skills: Review and Self-Assessment

Skill Drill: Creating a CSV Table to Import As XY Data

In this step, you will review how to create a CSV table and add it to a map document as XY Data. Use the results to answer the question below. In Microsoft Excel, create a CSV table with the following field headers: name, latitude, longitude. Enter the name, latitude, and longitude values show above in the appropriate fields. Save as a CSV table and close Excel.

name latitude longitude
Unkown Town 36.959676 -109.001

To answer the question below, let us assume that a GPS receiver set to the geographic coordinate system, GCS WGS 1984, was used to obtain the geographic coordinates you see in the table above. The coordinates are in decimal degrees.

Hint: It’s important to remember that each geodetic datum as a unique set of latitude and longitude values. For example, the latitude and longitude values for your home using the North American Datum of 1983 will be different than the latitude and longitude values using the North American Datum of 1927. Likewise, the World Geodetic Datum of 1984 (WGS 1984) will use yet another set latitude and longitude values to define the location of your home.

In a separate document write down the answer to the following question:

Question 13: Add the CSV file you created to the map document used in the previous step and display it as a point feature. In which state is the unknown town located?